Metfone Intelligent Connect 2019 presents an immersive showcase of the latest innovations in mobile with a particular focus on Intelligent Connectivity, solutions which benefit from a combination of the mobile networks, smart platforms with artificial intelligence and data from multiple IoT devices. Discover how these technologies will impact almost every aspect of our lives including entertainment, transportation, public services, industry, environmental sustainability and, of course, web and cloud connectivity.
The leading brands including Google, Huawei, Facebook, Ericsson will highlight its key programs featuring Internet of Things, Mobile Connect, Future Networks and Mobile For Development




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The Metfone's exhibition shows the future technology and intelligent solution to improve the wellbeing of citizens, businesses performance and visitors convenience in Cambodia. Besides that, the exhibition will create a lasting platform for an exchange of experiences and best practices about Intelligent City innovation


All day activity

08:30AM - 09:15AM: METFONE 

Opening Speech and registration

20 Feb 2019


Digital transformation 2019 trends in Cambodia and region

10:00AM - 10:45AM: HARAVAN

10:45AM - 11:30AM: GOOGLE

Google Big Data and AI services of enterprises 

11:30AM - 12:00AM: LUCKY - DRAW

Engagement marketing and omnichannel in era of digital

01:30PM - 02:15PM: BookMeBus

How technology is transforming transportation and travel industry in South East Asia

02:15PM - 02:45PM: HUAWEI

E-payment platform: mobile financial platform to provide high efficiency and low cost financial services 

02:45PM - 03:30PM: ERICSSON

IoT and Big Data in creating  Intelligent City

03:30PM - 04:00PM: LUCKY - DRAW

04:00PM - 04:05PM: METFONE

Closing Speech

20 Feb 2019




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    Implementing Intelligent City in Developing Countries

    The Cambodian government is partnering up with tech associations to boost the transfer of technology into the Kingdom and lay the foundations for the creation of intelligent cities in the near future.
    On July 2nd 2018, the National Institute of Posts, Telecoms and ICT signed a memorandum of understanding with the Smart City Consortium in Cambodia and the Smart City Consortium in Hong Kong that aims to facilitate the transfer of technology and build ICT expertise
    Metfone Intelligent Connect 2019: Meeting the Big Names

    An upcoming technology event is awaiting you on 19th and 20th February 2019 at Phnom Penh Cambodia. It is the Metfone Intelligent Connect (MIC) 2019 – a free event for 10 years anniversary of Metfone in Cambodia. It is a place for mobile innovations’ exhibition, for technology experience and for meeting the Leaders in Technology. Let’s find out who will show up and what they will bring to MIC 2019.


    Metfone Intelligent Connect 2019: A look to the future technology
    Although defining as a technology event, MIC 2019, in fact, is suitale for all level of audience. Audiences will be here to freely access and experience new mobile technologies, to share their thoughts, and also to listen from technology experts about international Smart City programs. At MIC 2019, the presences of Google, Facebook, Huawei, Ericsson in the Day 2 Seminar will be a mind – shifting chance for all participants.
    Metfone will host the Cambodian biggest technology exhibition in 2019

    On 19th – 20th February 2019, in the series of celebrating 10 years anniversary of Metfone in Cambodia, the company will hold a two days event called Metfone Intelligent Connect (MIC) 2019 in Phnom Penh. Although there still days till the event begins, the “technology” asmosphere is already in the air as MIC 2019 organizers has revealed some striking activities in the event. 



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